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Importing Vehicles from the United Kingdom

Importing Cars, Trucks, Motorhomes, Caravans, Motorcycles, Boats and Machinery. We can handle anything!

We import all types of vehicles from the UK into NZ. We provide airfreight, courier services and LCL ocean freight for smaller items and FCL or Breakbulk Shipping for larger items. Due to our experience in importing goods from the United Kingdom into New Zealand, we know how to do the job properly, from pick up in the UK to custom clearance and delivery in NZ.


We Offer The Additional Services Below:

  • Professional Importing Services
  • FCL and LCL options
  • Breakbulk Services for larger items like trucks,yachts,machinery
  • Weekly Sailings
  • UK Wide pick ups
  • Door to Door Services
  • Insurance Available to protect your cargo

Motor Vehicles

Cars are free of duty but are subject to Import G.S.T of 15% on the landed cost ( cost of goods plus cost of freight = Landed Cost )

Cars over 20 years old do not have to be converted to right hand drive.

Also we can not have any personal items included in the vehicle when shipping to NZ.

Contact us onĀ 0800 76 33 33 or email to discuss shipping your vehicle from the USA and UK today.

USA Vehicle Import Cost & Changes

LCL Shipping Costs from our Long Beach depot to Auckland

Export Handling FeesUS$100.00 per vehicle
Ocean freight Cars ( small car ie: Mustang )US$2300.00 per standard vehicle
Ocean Freight Cars ( medium car )US$2500.00 per standard vehicle
Ocean Freight Cars ( Large car ie: Cadillac )US$3100.00 per standard vehicle
Ocean freight Trucks ( F150 )US$4400.00 per truck/ute under 2.5m in height
Ocean freight BikesUS$950.00 per bike
NZ Port Chargesincluded in freight rate
NZ Document FeesNZ$85.00 per vehicle
Customs ClearanceNZ$150.00 per vehicle
MPI Application FeeNZ$50 per vehicle ( does not include MPI inspection or treatment fees )
IVS InspectionNZ$150 per vehicle
Marine InsuranceOn Application

Import USA Vehicle indicative Inland Pricing

Southern CaliforniaUSD $180.00
Northern CaliforniaUSD $280.00
Rest Through to East CoastUSD $1380.00

The forms below are required to be filled in

UK Vehicle Import Costs and Charges

LCL shipping costs for Cars from our UK depot to Auckland

Ocean Freight
NZD 2750.00 per vehicle
NZ Port Charges Included in above
NZ Import Document FeesIncluded in above
IVS InspectionIncluded in above
MPI InspectionIncluded in above
Delivery to Compliance Centre Auckland AreaNZD$95.00 Auckland Metro
Marine Insurance3.5% of landed value up to NZD $50000.00
Marine Insurance Over NZD $50000.002.5% of the additional value
Obtaining HPI Gold NZD$55.00
Customs Clearance NZD$100.00 per vehicle

*** Please note the above pricing does not realte to SUV’s and 4×4 vehicles. Additional charges will apply for these***

Please click here to read more about used vehicles must comply.

LCL Shipping costs for Caravans from our UK depot to Auckland

Ocean FreightNZ $ 3950.00 per caravan
NZ Port ChargesNZ$1240.00 per
NZ Import Document FeesNZ$75 per Bill of Lading
Customs ClearanceNZ $100 per caravan
MAF InspectionFirst inspection included in the above
IVS InspectionNZ $150 per caravan ( minimum )
Marine Insurance3% of landed value

Caravans must not exceed 2.5 metres in height for this option, to enable the Caravan to fit in a standard shipping container and 6-7 metres in length.

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