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Sneddens are specialised Customs Brokers.
The Sneddens team includes Licensed Brokers with NZ Customs Department experience who are specialists in their field and eager to assist Importers and Exporters.

We provide:

  • Economical, Professional Sea, Air, Courier and Parcel Post Customs Clearances at all New Zealand ports
  • Customs and Freight Audit Services
  • MPI , Health  and all other import permit requirements
  • Landed Costings
  • Personal effects clearences
  • Advice re costs and pitfalls for all importers. We are always happy to talk to importers. Please call 0800 76 33 33 or email



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While trade evolves and changes occur at lightning speed, it has become more critical for the importer and exporter to ensure compliance with all border protocols. Our goal is to assist our customers with staying compliant with customs while seeking the greatest relief from duty and tax implications.

Sneddens is your vital link ensuring your goods are customs cleared efficiently and delivered to their correct destination. We deal directly with New Zealand Customs and we electronically process all import and export documents.

Call us on 0800 76 33 33 or email to discuss your customs needs.


Import Customs EntryNZ$ 70.00 for the first line
Each additional lineNZ$ 5.00
EDI feesNZ$15.00
Broker Deferred AccountNZ$ 10.00 (usage fee for those Companies or Individuals who do not have an account with Customs)
Delivery Order/ ITF Fees NZ$ 45.00 per Bill

Other compliance costs if necessary (such as MPI inspections or Health Permits) will be additional to above fees. For clearances over NZ$400 NZ Customs charge a Transaction Fee. We collect this fee and charge at NZ$52.50 per entry.

Contact us to find out more about customs brokerage or call 0800 76 33 33. Alternatively, you can use our online booking form.

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