Why Choose Sneddens

  • Experience, over 45 years
  • People focussed in this service business
  • Knowledgeable about customs, freight, logistics, international and NZ requirements
  • Technology focussed for maximum efficiency
  • Internationally respected by over seas agents, freight and shipping and airlines
  • Understand target market development needs of exporters and importers to help volume grow
  • Shipping & Airlines respect our reputation and documentation accuracy
  • Standards and policies that are practical and proven and adhered to by all our team
  • Not a large corporate business with rules and policies
  • Personally owned by the experienced managing director with staff shareholding
  • Team of motivated customer focussed customer xperienced brokers.
  • Effective users of time and being always available to clients
  • Reasonable fees and cost recovery without fees, we use transparency in our billing
  • We problem solve and handle the difficult shipments
  • We are innovative towards solving freight and logistics issues , opening up new markets and new imports and exports.
  • We have some of the best industry shipping, & airline rates to benefit our clients
  • We stay in touch with changing world trends and market conditions and technology.

Reliable Service

Transport Carriers

Worldwide Destination