Sneddens – New Zealand’s Freight Experts

Step 1:

Contact made via Email, skype, phone, to us.We will then ask a series of questions to clarify your needs including:

  • Importing or exporting?
  • Type of goods,
  • perishable or dangerous,
  • movement by sea or air,
  • location coming from or going to,
  • weight, dimensions,
  • packaging,
  • Terms of Trade with supplier or customer,
  • Delivery address if importing to NZ,
  • or Port address if exporting [ generally we do not do door to door for exporting, we use instead our network of overseas local agents to arrange local export delivery]

Step 2:

We advise on any customs restrictions, requirements, duty, or special needs and prepare a quote and email within 24 hours or sooner if needed.

Step 3:

We follow up on our quote for your decision, or questions.

Step 4:

On your acceptance we finalise our terms of trade, payment by cash, direct credit, visa credit cards, or by approved account, and your purchase order systems.

Step 5:

We organise your import or export advising you of payments that need to be made to us or customs etc.

Step 6:

We stay in touch for your continued needs.