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Export To and Import From the World

We provide comprehensive NZ air freight & NZ shipping services for your most time sensitive shipments & cargo.

We use all major airlines and let you choose the right mix of costs and transit times that fit each individual air freight shipment. We offer both consolidation and direct airline services. Electronic interface with customs and partnerships with most airlines allows us to seamlessly work from all parts of New Zealand.

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New Zealand Air Freight Exports

For urgent shipments that are time sensitive, we offer direct airline services. For air shipments which are still urgent but have a more fluid time period we offer a consolidation service. These are generally a more economical service to our major overseas destinations. We consolidate air freight over a weekly period and gain price concessions by combining many clients freight and buying at higher weight levels.

We offer:

  • Full documentation service
  • New Zealand wide freight pickups
  • Door to Door services

New Zealand Air Freight Imports

As members of the Global Freight Partnership we are able to offer Door to Door services from most destinations internationally to New Zealand.

For smaller shipments our clients have the option of using our courier services. We service all New Zealand destinations and can electronically customs clear your goods at any of the Customs approved airports in New Zealand.

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