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A reputable air freight carrier is an absolute necessity when you need international freight delivered immediately. Trust New Zealand’s #1 International Freight and Shipping Specialist to deliver your most time-sensitive shipments and cargo on time and on budget. With over 45 years of freight forwarder experience, we have perfected our trade to offer our clients comprehensive and cost-effective air freight solutions.

You can ship just about anything anywhere in the world using our air freight services. From large retail shipments to small parcels, and even last-minute deliveries, we offer the most efficient way to ship to any global location, so you can save time and money.

Using our team of dedicated Customs Brokers, we can make sure that all international shipments are processed fast to minimise any delivery delays for you or your customers.

We work with all major airlines so you can choose the most cost-effective air freight rates and transit times to suit your needs. At competitive prices, we offer direct international air services for urgent shipments, as well as consolidation services for less time-critical shipments.

We are as flexible as possible when working from anywhere in New Zealand thanks to electronic custom interfaces and our partnerships with major airlines. Our international freight service delivers to an extensive list of air freight destinations including North America (United States), India, China, Pakistan, Australia, Europe, Asia and South America.

For more information call us today on 0800 76 33 33, email or click here to book online.

New Zealand Air Freight Export Services

Currently, we offer two types of air cargo services for export shipments; Direct Airline and Consolidation. In cases where urgent shipments are required, we provide direct airline services.

For exports and international deliveries that are still urgent but have a more fluid time frame, we offer a consolidation service. Due to its lower shipping cost, this service is a more economical way to ship overseas. Freight is combined at weekly intervals and we achieve price concessions by combining many clients’ shipments and buying at higher weight levels.

For seamless exports, our customs brokers will take care of all export clearance matters.

New Zealand Air Freight Import Services

Our membership in The Global Freight Partnership allows us to provide Door-to-Door shipping services from most international destinations to New Zealand.

In the case of smaller import shipments, our clients can choose the option of using our international courier service.

Sneddens services all New Zealand destinations and can electronically clear your goods at all New Zealand customs approved airports. For more information on this service, please visit our International Courier page.

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