Welcome to Sneddens! We Are the #1 International Freight Specialist in New Zealand

Sneddens is one of the fastest growing freight forwarders in New Zealand. Our company is committed to providing innovative and sustainable freight solutions that can support international trade and help maintain a steady flow of investments into the country. Our approach is founded on five core values—loyalty, honesty, respect, integrity, and determination. We make sure that these values manifest in our organisation from the executives and partners down to the agents and personnel.

Our goal is simple—we want trade to be a stress-free affair. As the lifeblood of the global market, trade must not be intimidating to anyone who wants to engage in international deals. We want to establish ourselves as a premier international freight specialist that goes lengths to make import and export secure and manageable for our clients.

We will carefully and attentively listen to your questions, take note of your instructions, and provide relevant and accurate information about the services you are looking to use. With over four decades of experience in international shipping, we guarantee quick freight organisation, customs entry preparation, cargo delivery and reliable logistics. Freight forwarding doesn’t get any better than how we do it in Sneddens.

Our Services

We specialize in all import and export matters. Following are the main services that we provide:

Pack and Unpack Containers – We pride on having MAF accredited warehouses where we admit, pack, and unpack cargo. Our processes are designed to the highest quality standards to ensure the safety of your cargo before and after shipping.

Store Temperature-Sensitive Cargo – We have very specific guidelines on handling time-sensitive cargo. We operate temperature-controlled storage facilities to preserve all sorts of perishable goods. If you choose not to use these facilities, you can always use our direct airline services to send your items to their destination fast.

Distribute Around the World – We provide air freight, sea freight and international courier services. We use all major airlines, non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) and shipping lines and multinational courier companies. We distribute to over 150 countries and implement highly reliable tracking systems for all cargo that we deliver.

Customs Brokerage – The whole freight forwarding process involves a lot of paperwork from certification to permits, particularly with Customs. We offer customs clearing and consulting services to help you avoid legal issues that might impede or delay the delivery process. It is important for us that you achieve your goals, which is why we promise to help you every step of the way, especially if you are exporting or importing items for the first time.

What Sets Us Apart

With over 45 years of experience in the freight forwarding business, we are confident in our skills, processes, and networks. Our knowledge of Customs affairs, freight delivery, logistics and international trade requirements is beyond compare. We are conversant with all matters relating to importing, exporting, sea freight and air freight. It’s no wonder we’ve long earned the respect and trust of multiple overseas agents, airlines and shipping companies.

We believe in practical and efficient approach to freight forwarding. If it’s easier and legal, that’s how it should be done to prevent downtime and eliminate unnecessary risks that can impact your bottom line. Our systems are not suffocated by rules and policies that only make trading complicated for our clients. We trust in the knowledge and skills of our experienced staff, personnel and agents.

To keep our services relevant and effective, we keep ourselves updated with the latest global market trends and economic affairs. We immediately take on issues that are spawned by developments in international trade. By continuously innovating freight forwarding programs, we were able to acquire some of the best industry shipping and airline rates, which as a result greatly benefit our clients.

How Big We Are

Sneddens is a member of The Global Freight Partnership, a global network consisting of independent freight forwarders and logistics specialists covering all continents in 42 countries with logistical facilities in over 50 cities. This enables us to offer Supply Chain Management solutions to small, medium-sized and multinational corporations in New Zealand.

We deliver cargo to major continents and countries, including the USA, India, China, Pakistan, Australia, Europe, Asia and South America. Our clients can enjoy quick and easy door-to-door pickups and deliveries anywhere in the world.

Whether you are a small business enterprise (SME) or a multinational corporation engaging in international trade, you need the superior freight forwarding services that Sneddens provides. Get in touch with us today by visiting our Contact Us page.


Sneddens are not just another freight forwarder. We were founded to provide our customers with great service and innovative freight solutions.

We specialize in all import and export matters. We offer all services including Freight, Customs, Shipping, Air and Sea and Logistics.

We are conversant with all matters relating to New Zealand Importing, New Zealand Exporting , seafreight and airfreight.

We have partners throughout the world. We are members of the Global Freight Partnership and specialize with USA, India, China, Pakistan, Australia, Europe, Asia and South America. We provide freight from and freight to the world.



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We use Sneddens Global logisitics to handle a large proportion of our incoming freight logistics as they provide a high level of service. We would strongly recommend Sneddens Global Logitstics to anyone looking for a company to handle freight logistics...
Chelsea Ford, Contract Landscapes Ltd
I have been importing for 16 years. Snedden’s became my shipping and customs provider a couple of years ago...
Marg Farrell, Director, The Design Project - Timber Kitchens & Furniture
I am constantly reminded by the crew at Sneddens that they are after the best deal for my company, looking constantly to get the best fares AND service for our projects...
Stijn Van den Eeden, General Manager, Prime Design
For the past two years Garry Snedden and his team from Sneddens Global Logistics have been organising all of our international shipping and customs clearance into New Zealand. Having been using various freight forwarding companies for over 16 years; I believe we are getting the best service we have ever had...
Richard Brasell, Director, b&o Casa
NZ Grocery Import/Export and other business I have been associated with, cannot speak highly enough about Garry and his teams efficiency and expertise in importing and exporting containers...
Andy Vermeulen, NZ Grocery Import / Export Ltd
Garry and the Team at Sneddens Airocean Services have been amazing. They have assisted us with all our International shipping and freighting needs, large or small...
Rowan and Sharon Kearns/New Zealand