Scrap and Tyre Exports

Sneddens Global Logistics have a dedicated team that manage the supply chains of many leading recyclers, acting as a scrap and shredded tyre shipping company exporting all types of Scrap and  Tyres ( baled, shredded and chipped) from many global destinations.

We specialize in the containerised shipment of scrap metal, plastics, paper and end of use Tyres of various types. We deal with the import documentation requirements and arranging on-delivery to final destination if required.

With decades of trading with the major shipping lines we can get the best rates and space agreements for our client’s needs, which is particularly important when there are space pressures, or you are shipping to and from some of the more difficult-to-service markets.


Sneddens have been exporting end of life baled tyres, chipped rubber and shredded rubber from end of life tyres from New Zealand, Australia , UAE and Europe to India, Malaysia and Vietnam for many years.

India is our specialty. We have access to the import licences in India and can match you up with the various mills and end users in India to ensure you get the best deal for your Tyres. We have negotiated great rates from various shipping companies from many ports in the World.

We broker with honesty, commitment and outstanding customer service .


Acting as your Scrap shipping company we provide

  • Complete discretion
  • A dedicated team of recycling experts
  • Guaranteed space with selected carriers
  • Customs regime management

Our team of knowledgeable professionals has handled numerous scrap shipments, so we understand the logistics involved. Don’t stress over scrap. Our large selection of shipping solutions services will ensure that your scrap is handled properly and efficiently.

Over the years Sneddens has handled many shipments These partnerships allow us to efficiently transport scrap. No matter how large or complex your scrap shipment is, our team of professionals will work with you to provide you with the best possible solution.

We have scrap metal recycling and shipping services for businesses of all sizes.

Our competitive pricing, reliability, attention to detail, and superb customer service make us the obvious choice for any business! Additionally, our exceptional online tracking system allows you to reliably track your scrap shipment throughout its destination. You’ll have peace of mind knowing where your scrap shipment is at all times.

Why do customers continuously trust the scrap shipping experts at Sneddens? Because our team consistently delivers our customer’s products on time and on budget! Our team is driven by service excellence, integrity, innovation, and professionalism.